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Liquid Cube Productions


We offer many years of experience in the wedding industry,

as well as, professional and courteous service to our clients.

Using specialized, digital quality video equipment we will

create your wedding video in a tasteful-classic way and a timeless look to preserve such a distinctive moment for future generations.


We propose several packages to help you design your perfect day. We encourage you to customize these packages to your needs. You may also create your very own custom package based on your specific needs.


Many of our past clients appreciate our low-key approach. We prefer to observe the wedding rather than direct it. We tend to stay in the background, capturing the images in a journalistic fashion. This allows our clients to get on with having a good time on their wedding day without worrying about obstructive videographers.

Why a wedding video?

Why not have just a wedding photographer?


You may regret it

60% of brides who didn't have their wedding videotaped, wished that they had. (after it was too late)


95% of brides who utilized the service of a professional videographer recommend future brides to do the same.


49% of brides who used a family member to videotape their wedding instead of a professional said they would hire a professional if they had to do it over again.


Photos can only say so much.

Video shows all the colors, sounds, and feelings of the moment. It is much more powerful at stirring emotions. Brides seldom cry when looking at their photos, but they almost ALWAYS cry when watching one of our movies. It doesn't even have to be their own!


Photos will fade with time

Photos do not make good heirlooms to pass onto future generations, because they all fade. However, a wedding video on DVD is purely digital and can literally be made to last forever.


Wedding videos are cost-effective

Imagine how expensive it would be to give a full set of wedding photo prints to every family member and important guest. It would probably cost more than the entire wedding. Once your wedding movie is created, you'll want you to share it with as many people as possible. To ensure this, we allow you to purchase additional copies for about half the price of a store-bought DVD.


Wedding videos get more use

It is much more convenient and entertaining to pop in your wedding video then to dust off the old photo album. Trying to show and describe a photo to a group of 6 or more people is just not as comfortable as everyone sitting down and getting a good view of the television.